TV Ministry

This unique ministry began in 1999 after the CRTC granted the church a license to operate a Low Power TV station. The original objective was to be able to continue ministering to the 100 of its senior church members who for various reasons where no longer able to attend church in person. They lived in the condos, homes and health care facilities in the community surrounding the church.

The broadcasts consist of the church's services and Bible studies.  Between these church services the station broadcasts traditional music day and night throughout the whole week. This ministry has become popular with many people in the community who love the preaching ministry and music the station broadcasts. This has also become a good medium to reach people who have not had any church connections.

While the TV station is only able to reach to people in the community around the church, those wishing to have more information on how to receive this TV station may call the church office.

Broadcasted Services

9:30 am Worship Service (German Language)
10:50 am Worship Service
7:00 pm Evening Service

10:00 am Bible Study (German Language)

Rebroadcasted Services

2:00 pm Worship Service (German Language)
3:00 pm Worship Service (English Language)

2:00 pm Worship Service (German Language)
3:00 pm Worship Service (English Language)

8:45 am English Bible Study (previous Wednesday)
7:00 pm Sunday Evening Service

7:00 pm Sunday Evening Service

7:00 pm Latest HYMNSING 

10:00 am German Bible Study
7:30 pm English Bible Study (current Wednesday)  

Tune in any time of the day or night and listen to church services and traditional hymns and gospel music.

Available Files to Download

To download, right-click the file and select "Save link as".