The following values guide the church as it carries out its mission:

1. Bible-based preaching and teaching

     The Scriptures provide the authority for our preaching. It is our guide in matters of faith and life.

 2. Caring ministries

     Our actions and relationships shall reflect genuine care for the good of those we serve. People are more important than programs.

3.Traditional worship and music

     While recognizing that there are many forms and styles of worship, our congregation has chosen more traditional forms of expression. 

4. Prayer

     We recognize the importance of prayer in cultivating a personal relationship with God. Through prayer the power of God is released and His purposes are achieved.

5. Evangelism

     The church has the responsibility to share the good news of the gospel.  Both our witness and our deeds should be a testimony commending the transforming grace fo God to others.

6. Missions

  A high priority is given to supporting international missions.  This priority is expressed in financial support of missionary activity and in encourgaging our people to be involved in missions assignments.

 7. Personal spiritual growth

     We value continuous personal development. This includes cultivating a personal relationship with God, developing the spiritual gifts and potential that the Lord has entrusted to each one, and discerning and focusing on God's particular calling in our life.