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 “Blessed by God” - PSALM 128    

As I reflect on the next “song of ascents” in preparing for this “For Pilgrims,” my mind goes back to the four memorial services our church had the privilege to share with families in the past week, July 6, 7, 8, and 9. The reason is that the psalm resonates with the eulogies in these memorial services. I’ll explain. The first three services were held in our church - Blondina Neufeld, Sharon Loewen, Anne Wiebe. Then on Saturday, the memorial service was held at the graveside - as family and friends thanked God for the life of Leona Loewen at the cemetery. As I reflect on all four individuals, my heart is filled with gratitude - realizing how privileged we are to remember and honor four children of God who followed God wholeheartedly. As family members and friends shared memories, they also committed to following God as their loved ones had. They held high the baton of faith handed to them.  

What common qualities did these four individuals have? When I listened to the family members and friends of these four people, they knew that God blessed them. Their lives were different - but all were blessed by God.    

How God blessed them varied with each person. The primary question is, “Why did God bless these four people?” Various answers were given. The author of Psalm 128 provides an answer as he takes us to the person who God will bless. God will bless a person who “fears the LORD” and “walks in his ways.” This is as basic as it can be.  

We begin where we must begin. This is our relationship with our God. We may not realize this - but everything begins with our attitude to God. Do we fear, revere, and honour God? If we do this, it will be evident in our actions - we will walk in his ways.  

We believe in a God who blesses us. Our commitment is to God - we fear and honor him and commit to walking in his ways. Then we let God choose when and how to bless. But our commitment is to God - not for the sake of any blessings - but solely and whole heartedly to God, and to God alone.  

When God blesses - and he certainly does – we will reflect on other believers. Our lives are never only about us. Any individual blessing will prompt a prayer that God will bless the larger body of believers. In the Old Testament, the person who feared the LORD desired God’s blessing upon Zion and Israel. Today, we who follow Jesus will pray that God will bless every other follower of Jesus.   

May you be blessed – Peace be upon you!