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Easter is coming!

As I think about the Easter story and all that it entails – crowds of people are part of it. These crowds show up at various places during the Passion Week. At the beginning of the week, there are crowds standing at the side of the road – spreading their coats, waving branches and calling out ‘Hosanna’ – an exclamation of praise to God. They welcomed Jesus and their cry claimed him as the Messiah.  

Jerusalem also had its crowd. Throughout the week these crowds were looking for a way to silence Jesus. But they didn’t have much success. As Jesus taught and answered their questions, they kept leaving his presence perplexed. Who was this man? How could he do the things he did? But their questions were not strong enough to stop the religious leaders from wanting to get rid of him.  

And then there was the crowd at the foot of the cross. What an experience they had! This was just another crucifixion to them, wasn’t it? As people passed by, they hurled insults at Jesus, they sneered at him. They called for him to do as he said – come down from the cross. But after their calling out, this crucifixion was accompanied by an earthquake, rocks falling and the tombs of holy people opening up. Those watching could not explain why this event was different.  

We respond to Jesus as well – just as the crowds did. Is your response one of praise, or looking for a way to silence Jesus, or not sure who he was? I invite you to pray a prayer of personal commitment to following Jesus.   We believe you will make a way for us And provide for us, if only we trust and obey you.  

We will trust you in the darkness and know That our times are in your hand.   Teach us to live with eternity in view Tune our spirits to the music of heaven.  

(From Celtic Daily Prayer Book 2  pg. 1048 – 1049)