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Growing Older

Prayer from an Older Companion

by Joy Gadsby, Celtic Daily Prayer, Book Two  

As we grow older, we slow up and our memory often fails us. Too often we can feel sidelined. The world will not stop still for us, but is constantly changing. We are tempted to give up and opt out. Instead, we should be willing to be uncritical, patient, and understanding. Jesus is still able to maintain the flame in our hearts if we continue centring our lives on Him.  

Loving Father,

carry us when the path gets too rough.

Give us the courage to continue to be available to you and to others,

ready to share our experience without arrogance.

Grant that the years that are left to us may be

     the holiest

     the most loving

     and the most creative.  

Thank You for the past, and for leaving the best until now.