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Every one of us is bi-lingual. We speak with layers of language. We have both an external and internal conversation. Our external voice is the way we communicate to our world. Greetings to strangers. Questions for the bank. Appreciation for loved ones. Instructions at work. Obviously this type of talking is necessary and common - but it is not dominant. Our internal voice is even louder and unceasing. Our internal voice is what we say to ourselves. It is the running dialogue we have about our life, our fears, hopes, opinions and everything else that runs through our brains. Our external and internal voices have much in common. Both modes of speech are fallible. They are susceptible to error and prone to delusions. Who hasn’t spoken in error? Who hasn’t realized that they actually don’t measure up to their internal boasts? We hope both dialogues agree, but that is not always the case. We may say something out loud that doesn’t harmonize with what we say in our head. We say much more internally than we would ever want others to hear. If ever there is a debate between these two communications, the voice in our head will trump the voice from our lips. While we may say foolish things at times, it is our internal voice which causes the greater problem for us. Everyone battles the tension between their two voices. Which one wins? We need a referee. We need a Voice louder than our own. Praise God, we have one.  

God’s Voice is the power of creation and salvation. His Words are always true and life-giving. Hebrews (4:12) says that God’s Voice is both alive and active. What God says is current and relevant. It is never dusty or out-of-date. His Voice is never still. It actively speaks what I need to hear, when I need to hear it. His Voice pierces the layers of our language. It addresses our external speech and call us to pure, honest, loving words. So, we can speak as it were, seasoned with salt. (Colossians 4:6) But God’s Voice reaches deeper. It dives to the depths of our soul as well. It sorts through the deceptions and errors of my internal language. It heals the wounds and affirms love to the broken places of our spirit. His Voice has power and authority. It is truer than my own inner voice. It shines light on the lies we believe. It offers life to the deadness we feel.  

If all we had was our own double-speak - we would be left in confusion. But God speaks. The written Word of God is communicated to our soul by the speaking Voice of the Spirit. The Spirit and the Scriptures are One Voice in complete agreement and complete truth. His is the Voice we need to hear. His is the Voice we need to speak.