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Miriam made some Irish Stew last week - and it was great! It was beefy, chunky, loaded with Leprechaun seasonings and enough to feed a small army! So you know how this goes. You enjoy the stew for the first time, have enough for the next couple of days and begin to parcel out stew lunches for weeks to come. I realized that we could make this stew last longer than manna! But that’s a problem. Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the stew, but eventually my buds hunger for something fresh. Surviving today and tomorrow on what was made yesterday is possible - but not preferable.

I had these thoughts as I was preparing for this week’s bulletin. Habitually I put in a mediation for all of us to chew over. Truth to tell - every one of them has been a leftover. They’ve been meditations I wrote some time ago, warmed up and re-plated for our consumption. People have been kind to suggest both favour and nourishment of the soul in them - so the repeats aren’t bad. But neither are they fresh. I justified my Tupperware writings by the press of time and the hope that even leftovers are healthy. But as I say, even if the stew is great and remains nutritious, my own soul longs for something new.

Your souls longs for something current as well. We can all point to the abundant grace of God in our story. We think of the times and ways that His favour has sustained us. Perhaps He taught us new insights, shaped a new passion, answered our plea or fanned a fresh desire for His nearness. All of this is part of our testimony. But if our testimony is only about yesterday (perhaps long ago!), our souls begin to hunger for today’s grace. God gave manna every day - and only for one day. No leftovers allowed! God trained Israel to look for His supply every day. Jeremiah reminds us that the mercies of God are new every morning. God does not recycle grace. Jesus instructed us to pray for and look for God’s supply of body and soul each day. All of this suggests that as much as we appreciate our history with God, we cannot coast on it. God has something for us today - every day.

So what is the new thing that you are looking for from God? What is the fresh gift that He extends to you? We all can feed ourselves from the nourishment of yesterday - but God feeds us, leads us, shapes us and uses us in the now. Frankly, those who have known God for decades may be prone to trusting the abundant grace of the past. But God is always current. I want my relationship with Him to be as current. How will you embrace God’s graceful today? I will try to write fresh paragraphs, not to be novel, but to indulge in the grace of now. It tastes better than anything I could warm up.