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 We Are All Sick     

The ways of God are found in our living. Yes, they are found articulated in the Scriptures, fleshed out in our faith communities and underneath every global event. But since I am more acquainted with my own life than anything else, I should exegete the ordinary routine of my coming and goings. After all, we are walking temples of the Spirit. Since He keeps better pace with me than I do with Him, I should try to keep up. Recently, I came through a medical event, new to me but common for others. My experience is no more significant than many, but it is mine. Since it is mine, I ought to harvest the intentions God has for me. I will employ these paragraphs for a few weeks to discern something of God’s working upon me - body and soul. I invite you to weigh His ways for your life as well.  

I have been graced with good health for over 6 decades. No broken bones or serious accidents. I’ve had minor fevers and pesky colds, but every doctor’s appointment ended with the same refrain. “You are looking in good health.” That refrain was muted last year. There were indications that something could be amiss. So, doctor’s visits became portals to medical technicians, long lab lines and sessions with specialists. Even then, I heard the pronouncement, “You look to be in good health!” When the internist said the same to me a week before surgery, I responded, “I am in good health, except for this one thing - cancer.” My one health concern was serious, silent and potentially deadly. Everything else looks great - except for the one thing that can kill me.   

Driving home from the internist, I noted that my condition is similar to everyone’s condition. Those driving around me, those walking on errands, people engaged in the matters of life. I look at them and they seem fine. In fact they probably profess to be fine. They project health in various ways. Healthy bodies and healthy minds. Good marriages, productive jobs, smiling children, life long friendships and retirement plans to last them to the grave. They seem robust and hearty on many levels, except one. They carry a serious, silent, deadly condition called sin. The Spirit diagnoses us in truth and proclaims we all are sinful. Jesus alone is the remedy of grace and forgiveness. The Father offers eternal life for the asking of faith. The healing is real but the first step of health is to see and admit our disease. It is vain to hope that the areas of wellness can balance the sickness of soul. Cancer does not care how many steps I took a day. So too, sickness of soul is not diminished by good deeds of head, hand or heart.   

Those who try to make the gospel attractive by stripping it of the harsh language of conviction, end up with no gospel at all. The good news begins with this - we are sick. But there is a Healer.