Develop a closer relationship with God

God places a desire deep in our hearts to have a closer relationship with Him. It is our goal that your spiritual life would be enriched through our times of worship;  practical Bible based preaching and teaching; and through fellowship and sharing with others.  

Become Part of a Caring Church Family

Many people feel disconnected and lonely.  It is important to find a caring church family in which you can feel at home. Whether it is meeting people at our Sunday services or at a less formal event like the inspirational Friday Night Alive, or by being a part of a Life Group you will find people to connect with. 

Participate in Meaningful Service and Ministry

We never outgrow our need to be involved in something that gives us significance and fulfillment. At Clearbrook MB there are many kinds of opportunities to use your abilities and spiritual gifts. Your participation will also be an important of our ministries. Check out the various Ministries to see some of those opportunities.

Feel free to contact one of the pastors to get more information on how our church could become closer to God, become a part of our church family and become involved in some area of service or ministry.