Important Information

James warns that no one knows what life will bring. (James 4:14,15) We may make plans, but the only certainty we have, is found in God’s will. And so we are to live in submission to the will of the Lord.

In the last few days, we have witnessed a surge of health concerns in our church. We have heard of those diagnosed with Covid and others having symptoms which align with Covid, both within our congregation and pastoral staff. The speed and severity of those concerns demand that we adjust our plans and schedule of ministry.  Therefore, with the well being of the congregation as our intent, we are taking our morning worship services back to on-line and TV broadcast only. This will be for a minimal of two weeks (Oct.24, 31st) and will be evaluated. Our various ministries will also be either on line or suspended for a period of two weeks. The Wednesday Bible studies will be virtual. Our Care Groups will not gather in person. Choir practice and performance will not take place during those weeks. The “Come to the Table” event of Oct 31st and our new comers luncheon of Nov. 7 will be re-scheduled.

These have not been easy decisions and we are all disappointed. But it would be irresponsibility for us to continue in a normal fashion in light of current health concerns. Our trust is in our Shepherd. Our mutual love and compassion hold the bond of the Spirit in unity. Please pray. God will not fail to fulfill His plan and will among us.