It's What You Don't See

While you see the church service on screen, this is what we see on Sunday morning. It looks empty - but it's not. If you look with the eyes of God, you will see a cloud of witnesses both in heaven and on earth. We unite our hearts and voices in worship - regardless of location. The building may be empty but the Church is always filled!

May God grant you encouragement and peace. 


Pastor Scott

Worship Services Suspended  

There are two unchangeable absolutes.

The first is God! He is the same perfection for all time and eternity. The second unchangeable truth is change itself! All people, things and situations shift with time. You feel that in these days. Our lives are in transition. Shopping, travelling, greeting, working - the facets of our lives have moved past normal.   

We have had to face some church changes as well. We have suspended our Sunday worship services for a number of weeks. We remain attuned to the guidelines offered by our health professionals. We invite you to visit this website frequently for updates. More so, we encourage you to remain who God has made us to be. We are His Body and a community of faith regardless of our schedule.   

Take strength from prayer. Find hope in God’s Word. Receive the community connections God brings to you. Most of all, hold the two unchangeable truths together. Our lives are shifting sand but God is our Rock - our foundation in these days.  


Pastor Scott