Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Sermon Series: The Lord's Prayer

Pastor Don Petker

Three Questions:

1.       What does it mean to pray for “our daily bread”?

2.       Why are we instructed to pray for something that God has already promised?

3.       How do we as the most affluent Christians in the world pray for “our daily bread?

Study Questions:

1         The world we live in is badly skewed in terms of resources.  There is extreme abundance and extreme poverty.  How do we address that gap?

2         We are told to pray for ‘our’ daily bread.  How is this a prayer for community?

3         Why are we to pray for our “daily “ bread?

4         This a prayer that acknowledges our dependence on God.  It is also a prayer that calls us to social action.  How might we respond as individual Christians?  As a Christian community?

5         How does praying for our daily bread inform our relationship with God?  With each other?


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Bible Reference:

Matthew 6:11, 25-34