Forgiven and Forgiving

Pastor Don Petker

A.      We are created for relationship – first with God, secondly with each other.

B.      Sin messes with relatationships:

a.       Five words for sin:

                                                    i.      Hamartia – to miss the mark

                                                  ii.      Parabasis – to intentionally step over the line

                                                 iii.      Paraptoma – to accidentally step over the line

                                                 iv.      Anomia – lawlessness

                                                   v.      Opheilema – failure to pay that which is due

1.       It is this word that is used in the Lord’s Prayer

C.      The Lord’s Prayer, along with other teachings of Jesus tie forgiveness by God to our willingness to forgive others:

a.       The Lord’s Prayer – Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us

b.       Jesus expands this in 6:14&15

c.       Jesus reinforces this in the parable of the ungrateful servant in 18:21-35

D.      Applications

a.       Because we are forgiven, we must be forgiving.

b.       Our prayers will not be effective if there is unforgiveness in our hearts.

c.       Our church cannot be effective if we will not forgive each other freely.


1.       In what ways does unforgiveness impact our relationships?  Share some examples from your own life

2.       In what ways does unforgiveness destroy the church’s effectiveness?

3.       How does unforgiveness affect our prayer lives?  How does living with unforgiveness affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

4.       Jesus makes it clear that unforgiveness on our part impacts God’s forgiveness of us.  Does this have eternal implications for us?

 If God forgives freely and unconditionally, how do we understand Jesus words in this text?


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Bible Reference:

Matthew 6:12, 14-15

Matthew 18:21-35