What Wondrous Love

Sermon Series: Minor Prophets

Michael Szuk


  1. Malachi's audience thought worshipping God was tiresome and wearying. How does one keep their faith vital? How do we keep our worship from becoming tedious and boring? 
  2. Malachi's audience had a problem seeing God as a great king. How do we see God? What are our views and understandings of who God is?
  3. Malachi uses a "question and answer" technique throughout his prophecy. This occurs eight times. God will make a statement, the people will challenge that statement with an impudent question and then the Lord explains the answer.
  4. How do we apply Malachi's teachings to our lives and our church today? What key things can we take away from this amazing book?



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Bible Reference:

Malachi 1:1-14